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Travel Boss is currently looking for travel writers to contribute content to our growing community. If your article is chosen, you will receive full credit and a link back to your blog and all social channels. It’s a win/win – we get great content for our readers and you boost your SEO through backlinks and promotion! 

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Submission Guidelines

Please review in their entirety before submitting. 

What We Are Looking For:

  • Articles that are a minimum of 1,500 words in length; 2,000-3,000 would be preferable.
  • City guides must be a minimum of 2,500 words, but 3,000-4,000 would be preferable.
  • Articles which have never been published elsewhere.
  • Articles written in an informative style rather than a narrative style.
  • Accompanying photos which are original images (not stock)

Topics We Are Looking For:

  • [LOCATION] City Guide
  • Things to do in [PLACE]
  • Road trip guide
  • An X day intinerary of [PLACE]
  • Best day trips from [PLACE]
  • Budget travel guide to [PLACE]
  • Luxury travel guide to [PLACE]
  • Best restaurants / bars / wineries / things to do in [PLACE]
  • Solo traveller’s guide to [PLACE]
  • Romantic getaway / honeymoon guide to [PLACE]
  • Instagram guide to [PLACE]
  • Girls weekend/getaway in [PLACE]
  • Local’s guide to [PLACE]

Travel Boss Article Submission & Criteria

  • To submit, you must use the form below.
  • For the submission itself, you must place your article and all photos in a Google Folder, then both include the URL in the below form AND share the entire folder with
  • Articles should be written in a Google Doc with titles and subheaders formatted.
  • A minimum of six photos relevant to your article must be included. Photos must be:
    • A minimum of 1000pixels on the short edge with a maximum file size of 750KB
    • In .JPG format (no .PNG, .GIF, .PDF, etc files accepted)
    • Titled as a description of the photo, e.g. “waikiki-beach-at-sunset.jpg”)
    • Your original images, not taken off of a stock photo site (you will retain all image rights)
      • If you don’t have original images, please email us; we may be able to work with your article idea with stock photos
  • An author photo must be included in the Google Folder (does not count toward the six photos)

Has this content been published elsewhere? (Note that we only publish original articles)

By submitting this article, you understand that: (1) You are not an employee or contractor of Travel Boss and shall receive no pay for your article; (2) Travel Boss maintains the right to make adjustments to your article to (a) edit for SEO, (b) edit for grammar, spelling, or clarity, (c) include affiliate links, (d) add photos; (3) Your article may be removed at any time without prior notification; (4) You maintain the rights to all photos submitted

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