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Travel Boss would love to feature your beautiful photography on our Instagram page!

Using the form below, you may submit your images to be featured. You can also tag us @travelbosscollective or use the hashtags #travelboss or #travelpreneur, but submitting through the form is a much more direct way of making sure your photo is seen.

Note that you will retain all rights to your photo and will be credited both through a photo tag and in-caption tag.

Before submitting, please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

You will not be contacted after submitting your photo to let you know whether we will be using it or not; please do not reach out to ask. If we use your photo, you will be tagged and receive a notification via Instagram. Unfortunately, we are not able to use every photo submitted. We plan our feed 30-60 days out to fit a certain aesthetic, so do not be discouraged if your photo is not used, especially right away!


Travel Boss Photo Submission & Criteria

  • Please submit only high quality photos to which you own the rights
  • Images must be portrait style (longer length) rather than landscape (longer width)
  • Rather than uploading a photo, we ask you give us the URL to the image actually posted on Instagram
  • While we will copy your photo from Instagram, we would rather use an original caption
    • Please include a well thought out caption, preferably with details on the location in the photo and/or travel tips
  • We prefer to share photos which give the exact location it was taken (e.g. the St. Peter’s Basilica rather than Italy or even Rome)
  • Please note a photographer (or model) who should be credited where appropriate; we will not tag brands

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