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Travel Boss is planning to schedule our first travelpreneur retreat at some point in 2021 or 2022 (when it’s safe to travel again). We would love to know what might be of interest to you if it sounds like something you’d want to join in on!

The main focuses of the retreat would be to:

  • Visit some of the most amazing destinations in the world
  • Network with other travelpreneurs and entrepreneurs 
  • Learn business skills which will help you start or grow your business
  • Give you incredible, professionally captured and edited photos (in addition to all that you will take yourself!)

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Housing and travel preferences

Which of the following destinations / itineraries are of interest to you? (Please select as many as you'd like!)

What length of trip would you prefer? (Feel free to choose more than one.)

What month(s) would be ideal for our retreat?

What skills would you be most interested in learning on a Travel Boss Retreat? (Feel free to choose more than one.)

In US dollars, what price range would you be comfortable paying? This price would be inclusive of excursions, transportation from the airport and during the retreat, most meals, and any business classes. The price would NOT include flights, souvenirs, or alcoholic beverages. (Feel free to select more than one.)

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