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What is a ‘Travelpreneur’?

Have you dreamed of having a job you could work while relaxing on the beach in Tahiti, while trekking through Alaska, while wandering the south of France?

Then you’ve dreamed of being a travelpreneur.

A travelpreneur is a person whose business is location independent, meaning they can work anywhere in the world. This person could be a solopreneur, a contract worker, a CEO, a stay at home parent, a freelance writer. 

This person could be you.

Interested? We have resources to help you start and grow your business on the path to travelpreneurship.

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About Travel Boss

Travel Boss, at its core, is about community. We want to inspire you to travel. We want to give you resources to supplement your income as a solopreneur or even become a digital nomad.

My dream with Travel Boss was to create a space to access tools which in turn help you access freedom – whatever that word may mean to you. Freedom to roam on the weekends. Freedom from your soul sucking 9-5. Freedom to stay at home with your kids. Freedom from debt. Freedom to travel the world. 

It’s all possible, friends. Whether you want to maximise your vacation days or become one of the millions of folks across the world making an income from location independent work, Travel Boss has resources for you.

Let’s go!

Adriane Galea


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